Editorial Services

**Kylie is not currently taking on new clients. Please visit the Freelance Editors’ Network (fen.net.au) to find a suitable editor for your project**


Structural Editing and Structural Reports

Kylie offers structural editing services to both trade publishing and private clients.

A structural edit looks at all the elements of a manuscript: characters, plot, pace, voice, narrative arc, etc; it identifies what works and what doesn’t, and offers suggestions for tackling any areas that might not quite be working as they should. In a structural edit, Kylie provides a detailed editorial report of the manuscript, which deals with each element in depth, outlines any areas of concern and provides options for improving them. She will also mark up your manuscript with queries and suggestions using Microsoft Word’s tracked changes so you can see how the advice applies to the manuscript in a practical way.

The cost of a structural edit depends on the length of the manuscript, but as a general guide, an edit of a 70,000 word manuscript starts at $2250.*

Alternatively, you can ask Kylie for a structural report. This report is similar to a structural edit in that it looks at the essential elements of your manuscript  and identifies what is working and what isn’t. A structural report is shorter than a structural edit and doesn’t include marking up the manuscript in Microsoft Word. Writers often find a structural report helpful for redrafting and refining their manuscript  before submission to a publisher.

A structural report costs $800 for a manuscript up to 90,000 words and $1000 for a manuscript up to 120,000 words.*

To discuss a structural edit or report for your manuscript, please contact Kylie.

Copy Editing

Kylie offers copy-editing services to both trade publishing and private clients. If you’re thinking about self-publishing your manuscript, a copy edit is essential to give your work that final professional polish.

Copy editing – sometimes called line editing – looks at a manuscript on a word-by-word, line-by-line level. In each copy edit, Kylie focuses on spelling, punctuation and grammar, as well as continuity, fact checking and any remaining structural issues. She keeps an eye out for repetitious words and phrases and concentrates on making your writing clear, no matter what you’re trying to say. Kylie helps ensure your writing looks – and sounds – its best.

Copy editing rates start at $2000 for a 70,000 word manuscript.*

To discuss a copy edit for your manuscript, please contact Kylie.


Kylie provides fast, efficient and professional proofreading services to trade publishing clients.

To discuss a proofread for your book, please contact Kylie.